Ruben Lyteheart | Client Access
Please type in the access code emailed to you to go directly to your proofing gallery.
Then enter in the password emailed to you to enable access to view the photos.

Once done and accessed, you can view all of the available photos and choose your favorites. When you have selected your favorites, you can order prints or purchase digital files or buy other products using the "BUY" option. You can also notify me via email which photos you wish to have professional retouching work done, noting the number assigned to the photo(s) and a description of the changes you wish to see.*

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me from the Contact page directly at http:/​/​www.​RubenLyteheart.​com/​contact

*Note that an additional service charge may apply to retouching work, inquire if you want to learn more about additional photographic services.